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    Palace password is a high-end brand of women's private maintenance, focusing on research and exploration in the field of women's health, providing comprehensive care for women's health English Name: gongmima. Palace code, which means inheriting the classical Chinese formula and unlocking the code of women's palace health. It is a high-end brand for women's private maintenance, dedicated to creating high-end products for women's physical and mental health and private health. The palace code inherits classical Chinese prescription, combines modern technology extraction and extracts natural plant essence, and makes women naturally maintain private health according to the needs of Oriental women, so as to provide comprehensive care for the maintenance of women's health. Palace code selects natural herbal medicines with suitable soil, climate, regional age and good color, and takes "Qing, Diao, Bu, Xiu" as the maintenance concept to create high-end natural maintenance products. Through natural body conditioning, women's physiological worries can be eliminated, so that women can rely on natural herbs to maintain their privacy, improve the health of women's privacy, and relive the tightness of young girls.

Interpretation: Palace code, which means to inherit the classical Chinese formula and unlock the code of women's palace health.

Products include palace password and Sophora flavescens gel.

In 2016, formulate and clarify brand market strategy and layout global market;

In 2016, Gong cipher gongmima planned online and offline sales channels;

In 2017, the first curing gel product of the palace code was put on the market and put on the market.

In 2019, the brand image of gongmima was upgraded, and the brand direction, strategy, slogan, image brand DNA, packaging box and product image were updated;

In 2020, the palace password brand was officially upgraded and launched, continuously improving product experience and service level, and building a high-end quality private protection brand. Slogan: if you want to have a healthy palace, you need to use the palace code; brand mission: to solve the problem of women's privacy and regain the girl's tight happiness; brand mission: to be tight, to be moist and to be healthy.

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