Female private care products, is it really necessary to use?

2020-05-15 14:37:43 8915

You have not discovered, the female friend that the side begins to use illicit to protect a product more and more! I asked a female friend, why not choose to go to the hospital for treatment, but choose to use private care products, she spoke the voice of female friends.

"There are a lot of women that she hasn't been to the hospital, but the inflammation goes back and forth, and the medication they're given isn't very effective. More embarrassing is that they are in the hospital examination and medication, lying in bed in the office of the butchering moment. The shame, the fear, the pain are beyond description. Some very not easy to cure and relapse. It's really miserable."

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So many women start to pay attention to and choose private care products to maintain their private gardens. So are these personal care products necessary to use?

According to statistics, the incidence of unmarried female gynecological diseases is more than 41 percent, married women gynecological disease incidence is more than 96 percent, as the saying goes: ten women nine inflammation, in fact, not exaggerated.

The high incidence and malignant changes of all kinds of gynecological diseases threaten women's physical and mental health all the time. And the symptom such as all sorts of complexion dull that cause from this and discoloration, furrow, menstruation maladjustment, endocrine maladjustment, leucorrhea increases, fat, vagina is flabby, sexual life is cold accounted for 97%.

The womens uterus is only as big as an egg, after sexual life vagina inside fold can begin to increase, especially after giving birth to a child vagina and uterus inside can have a lot of fold.

Because the person is pregnant when the uterus can expand 50 times, after the child is born again should restore to be egg so big, the inner wall can have a lot of fold, be like the principle that balloon is blown big same, after gas disappear fold much and become slack do not have flexibility, so we should recuperate in time, restore vaginal flexibility and damaged tissue.

For women who have no sex life, if there are no major symptoms such as itching, foul odor, abnormal leucorrhea and pain in their private parts at ordinary times, only warm water should be used to clean them. If there are any of the above symptoms, they can also use the palace password sophora flavessini maintenance gel to do cleaning and bacteria-inhibiting, so as to prevent gynecological diseases.

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And the female that have sexual life, it is the woman that infects vaginal department of gynaecology most easily, especially the female that went hot spring, swimming pool, if you discover at this moment private part appears abnormal, be about to use palace code sophora ginseng to maintain gel to undertake private part cleanness. Abortion and abortion of women, postpartum women, are high incidence of gynecological diseases, can be used palace code matrine curing gel, bacteriostatic repair and tight to private parts.

It is said that the best state of the relationship is equal, if the other person is getting better step by step, but you are still in the same place, no matter who the heart will not balance. So do a good job of private care first step, let you more happiness