Women's personal health: a little test can tell you!

2020-05-15 14:39:46 8908

A lot of female friends are very pay attention to their own appearance image, but neglected their private parts maintenance.

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Vaginal health is especially important for women. The health of the vagina has affected every aspect of a woman's daily life. Do you know if your private parts are healthy? Let's check it out now

Goddesses, please answer the following questions:

1. Do you have secretions on your private parts that are too much, slightly itchy or smelly?

It's always been more

【3 】 sometimes, not much

[5 points] very little. Don't you feel anything

[1 point] no discharge at all

Two. The question in question one, under what circumstances does it come up?

【2 】 it's easy to get hot in summer

【1 】 it often appears in daily life

【1 】 just occasionally

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[5] hardly ever

Which of the following living habits do you have?

[2] like to wear tight pants, tight crotch and hip underwear, jeans.

【2 】 not every time you have sex.

Go to a swimming pool or public bath and sit in a common place.

[1 point] underwear spraying perfume, etc.

None of the above.

Have you ever had the following experience?

【1 】 use contraceptives.

【2 】 after a cold, fever, or fever, take anti-inflammatory or antiseptic drugs.

【2 】 I had some inflammation in my private area.

【1 】 had an abortion.

None of the above.

What method do you usually use to clean and care for private parts?

[1 point] often use some medicinal lotion or nursing solution.

[2 points] basic water, occasionally with medicinal lotion.

[5 points] use a special bath product for private parts without drug stimulation.

【1 】 use regular body wash and soap.

What is your status during menstruation?

[2] winter is better, summer is airtight.

[1 minute] it usually takes more than 2 hours to change the sanitary napkin.

[2] heavy workload, fatigue and insufficient rest.

【5 】 nothing too uncomfortable.

What do you pay more attention to when you choose a pad?

[2] fresh and breathable

[2 points] bacteriostatic effect is preferred

[2] natural ingredients for personal care

【5 】 all of the above

Private sector health score:

[excellent 25 +] health.

Remember to continue to maintain good habits, usually eat more fruits and vegetables, more exercise, so that the private part of the health to maintain forever! Come on

[standard 21 ~ 25] normal.

This does not have to worry easily "difficult words hidden", but also to pay attention to oh, maintain a natural line of defense is the key to prevent disease hidden dangers.

[16 ~ 20] weak

The current situation is to provide an opportunity for gynecological hidden dangers. The proposal makes department of gynaecology examination, listen to the expert's proposal. Keep a good sleep, eat more fruit, drink more yogurt, exercise more, as soon as possible to make the natural defense line back to normal.

[11 ~ 15] weak

Tend to premature aging. Physiological health will go from bad to worse, bacteria increase quantity reproduction invasion, time is long, will cause different degrees of inflammation infection, recurrent attack. Should pay attention to private part health carefully, enhance physique, absorb more vitamins and eat more nuts.

[below 10] poor

There is aging. Special place gradually lost immunity to recognize and resist the ability of germ, germ invasion unimpeded, cause cross infection, more even cause cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and affect pregnancy. Cervical cancer is ten times more common in women exposed to repeated inflammatory stimuli.

How many points can you get? Is called "there is a cause", investigate its disease stern place, it is the health that does not pay attention to illicit part is maintained.