Beauty needs "face + lining"

2020-05-15 14:39:24 8908

With the enhancement of women's self-protection consciousness, the concept of paying attention to the health of women's vagina, breast, uterus and ovary has been accepted by more and more women, and a private maintenance trend for women's reproductive health is heating up all over the world. "Private care and maintenance" is no longer just a matter of "face", but the common pursuit of "face + lining".

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Any woman who loves life has the right to pursue her own sweet love and happy life. So women must take care of their private parts. In particular, the following six categories of women need more private care!

1. Women who have given birth

No matter be natural birth or caesarean section, the physiology mechanism that gives birth to the woman can produce tremendous change, the vagina can appear different degree flabby phenomenon. Especially during a natural birth, the vagina can be torn open.

2. Women who have sex frequently

A woman's vagina is stretched by sex, and normally it can repair itself. But the sex life is too frequently and causes the vagina to be overused, the vaginal elastic fiber can be injured and loses the elasticity, the vagina flabby can produce.

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3. Women in labor

Whether it is the stream of people or the stream of medicine, the process is the same as the process of a birth. When the vaginal elastic fiber will be damaged, there will be a large number of toxins remaining in the body after the abortion, resulting in a variety of diseases in women, causing numerous adverse effects on the body and mind.

4. Women with recurrent gynecological inflammation

The appearance of inflammation of department of gynaecology is mostly because the vagina is opened after hiding numerous toxin and bacterium, make the environment inside the vagina maladjustment place causes, and the inflammation of department of gynaecology of recurrent attack is because these toxin and bacterium have not been killed completely, then aggravate place causes.

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5. A woman with dark genitals

Vulva darkening is because the vulva friction that sexual life place brings about is overmuch, the melanin precipitation that causes thereby, this can make the vagina accelerates consenescence, if do not undertake maintenance to its in time, the vagina can be more flabby ageing, make sexual life becomes numb do not have high tide.

6. Sedentary women who exercise less

Women who sit for a long time and do not move are prone to vaginal and disc cavity muscle depression, which can not support the contraction of the vagina, resulting in vaginal relaxation and inflammation, odor, etc., so that the life into an extremely embarrassing state.

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Above 6 kinds of women must take care of private parts! Compared with going to the expensive beauty salon to care private parts, it is more recommended to adopt the home care method, such as the use of palace password sophora nursing gel for home care, easy to use and not time-consuming, simple and easy to operate, not limited by the site, time, affordable, cost-effective!

Now use palace password for private part care has become a new fashion, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in private parts, has improved for tens of millions of women! Every night a, the use is very convenient, easy to restore the girlish sense of the tight private parts! The bacteriostatic and compact effect of palace password has been recognized and affirmed by users!