You need to know about women's winter personal care!

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The bacterium is easy to breed in autumn and winter season, sensitive private part place but very easy to be infected, the probability that suffers from department of gynology disease also increased greatly, so boudoir people can want to do a good job carefully private protect a job yo ~ winter meaning is gradually cold, no matter you are the woman of invulsibility, still strong and pliable housewife. The "beautiful demeanor" that a woman should have when going out is indispensable, but the "healthy temperature" that keeps warm you also can't ignore.

Today we come to talk about, qiu dong private protection that point matter ~

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Let's start with beauty. What many fairies might think is that you should take care of your skin. Actually, everybody knows, want true beauty to blossom, must inside and outside hold concurrently repair, besides skin to nurse must insist everyday, private part nurses also should undertake everyday, keep wholesome and clean, ability realizes beautiful blossom.

Choose the right underpants

Comfortable and clean and suitable for their own underwear, is the best care for private parts. Do not choose the underwear of chemical fiber as far as possible, the underwear of chemical fiber is permeable sex and hygroscopicity are poorer, go against the tissue metabolism that can pudend. Together with leucorrhea and perineal gland secretions are not volatile, cover the vulva wet all day. This warm and humid environment is very conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which can easily cause inflammation in the vagina or vagina.

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Use safe and reliable sanitary napkins

In addition to underwear is the private part of the most intimate partner, every month when the "aunt" came, the quality of health will directly affect the quality of private care. The woman period that a few days, oneself immunity drops, most easy to catch a germ, choose safe, reliable sanitary napkin, can give boudoir people the most intimate caress.

Never hold back your urine

Busy life will often let bestie have urine intention to hard hold back, in fact, this is very big damage to the private parts. There are a lot of bacteria around the urethral opening in normal people, and one of the things that we do when we urinate is to help get rid of metabolites from the body, and the other thing is that the urine helps flush out these bacteria. Often hold in urine, it is easy to lead to the accumulation of a large number of bacteria in the urethral mouth, causing urinary tract infection.

Keep your private parts dry

Women's private parts are not only warmer than other parts, and the environment is relatively humid, humid environment itself is the place where bacteria multiply. If you wear wet underwear or swim trunks, or if you don't dry your genitals after showering, this can lead to more moisture in your genitals, which is more conducive to the growth of bacteria.

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Gynaecology disease is headed with vaginitis, want to choose loose comfortable whole cotton underwear above all, avoid to wear airtight, tight pants. The common symptoms of vaginitis are pruritus, leucorrhea, odor, burning pain, etc. Therefore, it is of vital importance to keep private parts clean and dry, to develop a good habit of cleaning private parts every day, and to carry out scientific private care products, cleaning and nourishing effect, is also a key to the maintenance of private parts in autumn and winter!