Does disease of department of gynaecology cure for a long time? So this is the root cause!

2020-05-15 14:31:41 8905

As the saying goes, "illness comes by the weight of a mountain." in fact, this is not the case!

All serious problems, are in the first, the least serious time, because you did not cause enough attention, or choose the wrong treatment, slowly accumulation of worse!

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A lot of people have vulva phlogistic SAO is urticant, use strong effect to wash fluid, although stop urticant, destroyed the acidic environment of the vagina however, more wash immunity is lower, more fragile, disease of department of gynaecology is easy to have a relapse, understood? When again fit, it is not just vulvitis! As the bacteria spread inside, they develop trichomoniasis, fungal vaginitis, and then the bacteria continue to travel inward to the cervix, into the endometrium, into your appendix, into the pelvic cavity... This is terrible!

On such day after day, year after year, disease of department of gynaecology recurs, perhaps you oneself do not have more felling, it is more serious than last time actually! Besides, all the traditional treatments, such as strong lotion, internal medicine, injection, taking medicine (overuse of antibiotics), and surgical treatment, are only palliatives! So, dear ladies, become a regular customer of drugstores and hospitals, and embark on the long march to fight against gynecological problems!

Why to say traditional cure method, it is the main reason that causes disease of department of gynaecology to be cured for a long time, relapse?

Just ask two questions:

1. Why does it take so long to heal?

If we accidentally cut a finger, is it better to go to the hospital for injection, take medicine quickly, or directly in the injured part of the local drug, the effect will come quickly?

(have you known anything about your own reproductive system, dear ladies, for decades? It is same as finger, toe, it is peripheral nerve, injured, give an injection, take medicine, can reach the spot of lesion to have an effect actually less than 2%).

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2. Why the relapse?

The trashcan in the home, because installed rubbish and make a fly, insect, are you to buy insecticide gush to kill excuse me (cure a symptom), still throw away rubbish, clean up trashcan again (cure a root cause)?

(dear ladies, left a lot of junk inside vagina, toxins, is the root of all gynecological problems, we now accept, is to use powerful lotion, built-in pills, give or take an injection take medicine, surgery, even just take temporary, and did not put the rubbish, toxin "dump", so fly bugs will come again, gynecopathy recurrent it is no surprise that)!

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At this time, perhaps some people will say: I love health very clean, also very self-love, only a husband/boyfriend, my private parts how can there be garbage, toxins? Try not brushing your teeth or washing your face for two days to see what happens. What will happen if you don't clean your house for two weeks? Our private parts, have you cleaned them for decades?