The 6 basic symptoms of female endocrine disorder

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More than 90% of women have had the condition of endocrine disorder, such as long spots on the face, abnormal leucorrhea, irregular menstruation. In fact, endocrine disorder is female sex hormone disorder, usually check endocrine is through the blood to check whether female sex hormone secretion in a relatively normal level.

In the female endocrine checklist, we can see LH(luteinizing hormone), FSH(follicle-stimulating hormone), PRL(prolactin), PROG(luteinone), E2(estrogen).

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Luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone are mainly to promote follicular development and ovulation, the detection value is too high, possibly menopause or infertility; High prolactin, may be pituitary tumors and hypothyroidism; Luteinone is too low, it shows hypophysis and ovarian function is inferior, do not have menstruation or ovulation, pregnancy is abnormal; Ovarioma or pregnancy can be characterized by high estrogen levels or, if low, by stunted growth, hypoglandular dysfunction, and ovarian failure.

How to judge oneself whether endocrine is maladjusted roughly?

Check yourself to see if you have any of the following symptoms:

Symptom 1: menstruation is not moved, infertility

Usually the amount of female menstruation is about the same every month, if the component difference is too much, it is likely because of endocrine imbalance, leading to ovarian estrogen secretion level is too high or too low, irregular amount of menstruation, amenorrhea is often associated with endocrine imbalance.

Some women get married for years, have normal sex, but never get pregnant. Go to the hospital check, the doctor informs, adjust endocrine first. Investigate its reason, be because of endocrine maladjustment, make the cerebral cortex is ineffectual to the regulation of endocrine; Or damaged endometrium, the female hormone response is not sensitive, reflexively affect the endocrine regulation, reduce the chance of successful pregnancy.

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Symptom 2: obesity

"Drink cold water all gain flesh", a lot of people often send out such regrets. According to endocrinologist, this may be related to my endocrine disorder, high calorie, high fat food, do not pay attention to dietary balance and other dietary habits will also have an impact on the endocrine.

Symptom 3: skin

A lot of women have had such experience, appeared on the face suddenly a lot of macula macula, lubricious macula, wiped a lot of cosmetics also of no use, actually this is not only skin problem only, these lubricious macula also is endocrine instable when be caused again by external element undesirable stimulation. When female is in menstruation maladjusted, most easy grow blain. This is because the male hormone secretion in the body increases or the role of the enhancement, leading to sebaceous glands secreted exuberant, facial pores blocked, make acne emerge in endlessly.

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Symptom 4: breast, body hair

Breast bilges painful, mammary gland hyperplasia, its main reason is endocrine maladjustment. The more important role of the breast is to promote its growth and development through the secretion of estrogen, so once endocrine imbalance, disorder, it is easy to form mammary gland hyperplasia and breast cancer.

Symptom 5: irritable temper, disease of department of gynaecology

Climacteric female often can appear a few tempers become irritable, mood changes big circumstance, appear perspire, tempers become bad etc., this may be female endocrine function appears drop to bring about.

Gynecological endocrine disease is very common, endometriosis, irregular menstrual volume, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, etc. are gynecological endocrine diseases, there are some breast diseases and endocrine disorders, some facial spots are also caused by gynecological diseases.

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Symptom six: premature aging of white hair

Premature aging of white hair is also an endocrine problem. In addition, endocrine disorders, especially the decrease in the secretion of sex hormones, is an important cause of human aging.