Beware of the "no. 1 killer of women" -- ovarian cysts

2020-05-15 14:32:20 8909

With the promotion of women's status, women's reproductive health is getting more and more attention, in many gynecological diseases, especially to be vigilant is the "first killer of women" - ovarian cyst! Let's take a look at this terrible gynecological disease.

One, why ovarian cyst is "female the first killer"?

(1) lead to infertility

(2) causes edema

(3) cancer

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Ii. Symptoms of ovarian cyst:

(1) lower abdomen falls, abdominal distension discomfort

(2) the abdomen is enlarged without tenderness

(3) uterine bleeding, menstrual disorders

(4) the tumor ruptured, causing abdominal pain

(5) tumor compression and dyspnea

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Iii. Effects of ovarian cyst disease:

1, ovarian cyst in clinical manifestations of pain, abdominal discomfort, leucorrhea, leucorrhea yellow, leucorrhea odor, abnormal menstruation, and usually there is a solid and painless mass in the lower abdomen, sometimes sexual intercourse will occur pain;

2. When the cyst affects hormone secretion, symptoms such as irregular vaginal bleeding or increased trichome may appear. If the cyst has torsion, severe abdominal pain, abdominal distension, dyspnea, loss of appetite, nausea and fever may occur.

3. Large cysts may cause compression near the bladder, resulting in frequent urination and dysuria;

4, especially when these symptoms are more serious, bleeding frequently and at the same time, women are more likely to develop ovarian cysts, the harm of malignant ovarian cancer is greater.

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Here's a side note: chocolate cysts, which are usually marked by severe dysmenorrhea, can get worse, but are generally not painful during the off-menstrual period. Situations like this are easy to spot and treat.

What should be done to prevent such a terrible "female killer"?

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1, female friends in the menstrual period to pay attention to hygiene, and in the menstrual period and postpartum women strictly prohibit sex, to keep the vulva and vagina clean.

2, women should pay attention to the daily diet, tobacco and wine are extremely acidic substances, long-term smoking and drinking people, easily lead to acid physique.

3, women should eat more light food, eat more lean meat, eggs, chicken and fish. Don't eat too much salty and spicy food. Don't eat too hot, cold, expired or spoiled food.

4. Keep a good mood, relieve pressure appropriately, combine work and rest, and avoid excessive fatigue. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that stress leads to overwork and deficiency of body, resulting in decreased immune function, imbalance of internal metabolism, and deposition of acidic substances in the body. Stress can also lead to mental stress and lead to stagnation of qi, blood stasis and depression of toxic fire.

5, strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness can also be very good prevention of ovarian cyst. Exercise under the sun more, sweat more can be the body acid with sweat out of the body, to avoid the formation of acid constitution.

6, life should be regular, living habits are not regular people, stay up late and other irregular life will aggravate physical acidification, easy to cause ovarian cyst.

7, female friends to pay attention to private care, regular gynecological examination, early detection early diagnosis, early treatment, if found ovarian abnormalities and can not be diagnosed, must be regularly followed up.