Womb cold, disease born! Look, are you the palace cold girl?

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Ten women nine cold, then what is the palace cold, palace cold causes what? What detail does the person of palace cold need to notice at ordinary times to maintain his body?

Self-diagnose to see if you have palace cold

, often look very bad energy?

, dysmenorrhea, small abdominal cold feeling?

Leucorrhea more and clear, smell a fishy smell?

(4), period is not in advance is wrong, and less, dark color?

, looking in the mirror, find their own tongue coating white and slippery water?

6, afraid of the cold, often waist knee cold, cold hands and feet?

I have a dark or pale appearance.

Q, sexual interest is not high, pregnant for a long time no movement?

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Do you have most of these symptoms? If so, you probably belong to the "palace cold girl" category.

Palace cold, mainly due to the deficiency of kidney Yang caused by blood qi deficiency and cold uterus. From the performance, the general palace cold women tend to be more heat-resistant afraid of cold. Menstrual period is often accompanied by symptoms such as dysmenorrhea and lumbar acid. The female of palace cold is more easy to suffer from a few disease of department of gynaecology commonly trouble, serious still can bring about sterility. So for the palace cold physique, timely conditioning is very important.

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Deficiency of kidney Yang is the main cause of palace cold

The female of palace cold often often feels fatigue and fatigue and dizziness at ordinary times, the limb is weak during classics, backache, these are the blood gas that kidney Yang inadequacy brings about is weak, need to undertake conditioning from the constitution. The person of general palace cold belongs to cold sex constitution, the person of this kind of constitution is more afraid of cold, heat-resisting, but be greedy for cool especially again. Therefore in the ordinary to pay special attention to keep warm, avoid cold stimulation, also do not eat cold drinks and cold food.

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Palace cold is often related to living habits

The deficiency of kidney Yang, specifically speaking, is the deficiency of Yang qi, which is not only related to people's physical conditions, but also related to people's living environment and living habits. Some people live in a cold and humid environment. Women who live in such an environment for a long time are more likely to get palace cold. In addition, some bad living habits, such as the preference for cold drinks and the lust for cool without paying attention to the details of life such as warmth, will damage the constitution and form palace cold over a long period of time. Want to get rid of the palace cold distress, it is necessary to learn from their own lives, small habits must be changed, together with some appropriate exercise to obtain Yang qi, some warm food to promote the body body changes, pay attention to the maintenance of the reproductive system, the cold out, can make the palace cold phenomenon has been alleviated.

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