Palace password sophora curing gel, so that you no longer have difficult "inflammation" hidden!

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As the saying goes: nine out of ten women. Gynecological inflammation is a very wide range of concepts, where the female reproductive organs by a variety of pathogenic bacteria after the infection of inflammation, collectively referred to as gynecological inflammation.

The high incidence of gynecological inflammation is determined by the particularity of female physiological and anatomical structure, which makes the fragile reproductive system of women become the "event-prone" zone in life and the "birthplace" of many systemic diseases.

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There are many factors that cause gynecological inflammation. In addition to personal hygiene habits and physical resistance, social factors such as sexual relationship disorder, teenage pregnancy and unmarried abortion have also become important causes in recent years.

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According to statistics from authoritative departments:

The prevalence rate of adult female department of gynaecology problem is as high as 98.5%, all kinds of vaginitis: 57%, cervical erosion: 35%, uterine fibroids: 30-40 years old, 30%-50% (high incidence period), 40-50 years old, 50%-70%(high risk period), and the symptom such as complexion tartar, plaque, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea too much, have peculiar smell and so on caused by this is as high as 96%!

Common problems of department of gynaecology: vulva pruritus, vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, pelvic cavity effusion, cervicitis, leucorrhea bean residue, leucorrhea amount, sexual intercourse pain......

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Because many patients do not understand its physiological structure, once the disease, easy to go to extremes

It is to do not care about, as a result small pathological change big disease

The other is to worry too much, worry too much, be ashamed to go to the doctor, everyday worry is heavy, pressure is very big

Three is self-righteous, sick disorderly buy medicine, indiscriminate use of drugs, but make the condition worse, delayed the best treatment opportunity

Women always want to keep young forever, how to make their face beautiful, how to have a sexy hot figure, but often ignore the most important issue, women's private health! Private part is the root, the appearance is the flower, the root is good, the flower is beautiful!

Your private parts need to be maintained by the palace password sophora matrine curing gel, your private parts will be more pink, healthy yo!

Palace password sophora curing gel is formulated with Chinese herbal medicine, which has a good soothing and sedative effect on inflammation. It is a private care product combining odor removal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and private parts tightening.

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Every night before sleeping, wash hands, clean the vulva, lie low body lifted her hips, nudging password file is a little palace sophora after curing gel, lubrication vaginal opening gently inserted into the vagina, the tube in the palace password gel slowly push deep into the vagina, squeeze gel stay slowly take out 1 to 2 minutes after finish tube, keep natural lie on your back 15 to 20 minutes until completely absorbed. Use a few times after the obvious smell itching, easy to dirty underwear improved a lot, very relaxed, the whole person is relaxed, so good products do not miss oh!

Adhere to the use of palace password, can effectively protect the mucous membrane of the private part and maintain the stability of bacteria group, strengthen the vaginal self-cleaning effect, prevent the occurrence of infection, but also can effectively combat the gynecological problems caused by fungi, can prevent the improvement of odor, redness, itching, vaginitis and other private part problems, let you no longer have difficult "inflammation" hidden! Take care of the female friend's