Still using shower gel on your private parts? With palace password sophora curing gel, clean thoroughly!

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Still using shower gel on your private parts? With palace password sophora curing gel, clean thoroughly! The nursing of private part is very important to women, keep clean frequently, not only can make themselves comfortable, but also can effectively reduce the occurrence of reproductive problems!

Winter, also be the season with female private parts problem many times! Have you felt some itching and peculiar smell in your private parts recently?

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In winter, the weather is cold, the temperature difference between morning and evening is big, female body endocrine disorder, biological clock disorder is easy to appear bacterial infection, plus do not pay attention to keep warm, wear very thin, private parts more easily cold!

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Still have, a lot of office workers often sit for a long time not to move, private section chief time is in sealed environment, airtight, can appear hot and humid feeling, not only very uncomfortable, but also easy to appear bacteria breeding, want to be comfortable for the winter, private care must be done!

Have already investigated discovery, the female of disease of department of gynaecology now also tends to be younger and younger, and illicit place nurses improper it is the one big main reason that causes disease of department of gynaecology. If you find yourself with excessive discharge, itchy genitals, a smelly odor, frequent urination, etc., there may be something wrong with your vagina, so be sure to pay attention.

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Our common private parts care, in fact, there are many misunderstandings.

For example, wash your private parts with body wash! In fact, the PH value of our vagina is maintained at 3.8-4.5 weak acid, and now the PH value of bath gel on the market is generally in 6-7, such cleaning but easy to destroy the acid and base balance of the private parts, reduce the defense of the private parts, and even cause private part allergy.

Other sisters think clean water is the safest, which is also wrong. Because the private parts can easily harbor a lot of dirt and bacteria, especially if they're already inflamed or produce more secretions than usual during periods like your period, cleaning them with clean water won't provide enough protection.

Some girl also can choose the private part that strong effect nurses liquid, clean force, bactericidal force is too strong easy to kill the beneficial bacterium colony of the vagina also, destroy the self-purification ability of the vagina.

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If these stains and residual secretions cannot be removed, they are more likely to cause infection. This is a good time to choose a gentle care product for your private parts.

To recommend a very good use of private care products, from tens of millions of women strongly recommended word of mouth brand - palace password. It is mild, safe and non-irritating. It is a private care product specially developed for Chinese women. It can effectively sterilize and clean the private parts and prevent the infection of the private parts.

Palace password sophora flavessini maintenance gel properties mild, gelatinous texture, push into the vagina can be wrapped in the vaginal folds of the dirt, out of the body, improve the private environment, clean, comfortable! To help married women with problems such as vaginal laxity, aging, and sexual apathy, return to the "tight" life and return to girlhood!

Private parts and our health is closely related, daily must pay attention to good care, palace password so professional sophora maintenance gel, really can save a lot of trouble ~