A must for women! Palace password sophora flaveschia curing gel, anti-pruritic inhibition of super ease ~

2020-05-15 14:34:27 8904

A few days ago to see a news let small make up a big jump!

1. The incidence of female gynecological diseases is as high as 86.5%

2. More than 60% of women suffer from at least two gynecological diseases

3. 82% of the affected women were between the ages of 21 and 45

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Are you and xiaobian just beginning as curious: "yi, did not feel around so many girls have gynecological disease ah?

Actually there are two reasons here: on the one hand, women feel gynecological diseases difficult to speak, do not want to tell the people around. What's more, at least 70% of female students have gynecological diseases. No! Since! To know!

Xiaobian asked a circle of girls around, the majority of the response is like this:

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"Occasionally there is some itching, but not to the point of unbearable itching, not too much attention."

"When you're irritated or stressed, you may notice increased discharge and abnormal coloration, but you'll be fine in a few days."

"Pa pa pa of time husband once said to have peculiar smell, was scolded by me!"

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Actually, these phenomenon are the disease of department of gynaecology augural or symptom, if do not treat in time recuperate, very likely can cause more serious disease of department of gynaecology to have the possibility that cancerization changes even!

Today, small make up to teach you a few simple and practical methods, to help you effectively prevent gynecological diseases!

Choose the right underwear

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The material of underwear pledges had better choose pure cotton or pure silk, the underwear of chemical fiber material can make vaginal local environment becomes muggy, become the growth place of mould.

Wear less tights

Many girls like to wear tight leggings or leggings in order to look slim. But tight pants allow bacteria near the anus to infect the vagina and urethra, where they can multiply and cause disease.

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Use less pads

Many girls think it is cleaner to use pads. In fact, pads are airtight and can nourish bacteria in a stuffy environment. And the pads can interfere with the vagina's natural ability to fight bacteria, weakening your immune system.

Diligently to clean

The first three points are easy to say, remember to do the line, about the last point "diligent cleaning", I must emphasize

There are generally 3 ways to clean private parts

1. Rinse with water

2. Wash with body wash

3. Wash the private parts with lotion

Washing with water can be good or bad.

The advantage lies in: use clear water to won't destroy female private part original immunity and self clean ability.

The downside: not all bacteria can be washed away with clean water, or so many girls might not have gynecological diseases.

Body wash is not recommended.

First of all, body wash only basic cleaning, no antibacterial effect.

More importantly, most body wash is alkaline, and the environment of the private part is weak acid, using body wash can destroy the original immune system of the private part instead.

The situation is most complicated for the private part lotion.

Some people say, illicit place is washed fluid is very effective, after using a few times, apparent feeling is not urticant, did not have peculiar smell.

Also somebody says, illicit place washs fluid cannot be used, because it can kill beneficial bacterium and harmful bacterium, do not have profit to the person instead.

In fact, both statements are too extreme

We usually say generally on the "lotion", in fact, is divided into three categories: makeup brand, the name, medicine brand. At present the domestic circulation is the most, is headed by the "woman some clean" elimination name washing liquid, and headed by the "clean some Yin" medicine name washing liquid. These two kinds of lotion ingredients contain a certain amount of disinfection and medicinal ingredients, whether it is beneficial bacteria or harmful bacteria, encounter is a meal to kill, so it will destroy the balance of the female flora.

So unless it is a serious illness, under the guidance of the doctor can only be used. Never use it as a daily cleaning tool, or it will backfire! Makeup brand lotion is much more gentle, mostly natural ingredients.

Palace password sophora curing gel is formulated with Chinese herbal medicine, which has a good soothing and sedative effect on inflammation. It is a private care product combining odor removal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and private parts tightening. To understand whether a product is good or not, the most important thing is to see the word of mouth! There is no girl who has ever used the palace code but appreciates it.

Every time after the palace password, there will be a feeling of being purified shu shuang. After using a few times, can feel the improvement effect of the problem such as peculiar smell, pruritus apparently, the circumstance with dirty underwear also a lot less.

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Finally, I would like to share with you more verbose 1: private parts and our health is closely related, daily must pay attention to good care. Use professional palace password care products, really can save a lot of trouble, can buy don't hesitate ~