Why does disease of department of gynaecology inject take medicine total do not see good, often relapse?

2020-05-15 14:36:00 8904

Before a while the country announced henceforth department of gynaecology, do not belong to the disease category of infusion.

This means that the future of gynecological diseases will greatly reduce the body's dependence on antibiotics, to adopt a more green and safe nursing scheme. So, are you going to continue to take antibiotics or do you want to manage your reproductive health to prevent and treat gynecological diseases?

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The following are several common gynecological treatment methods and their effects after treatment:

(1) injection to take medicine: the drug with the blood circulation to the genital lesion has little left, so the effect is slow, stop the drug on the relapse.

Hospital flushing: the lotion contains antibiotics, anti-inflammatory at the same time will also kill good lactobacillus, destroy the balance of flora, resistance decline, more likely to relapse.

(3) suppository: there are folds in the vagina, the drug is easy to remain within the folds of the bacteria caused by secondary infection, resulting in repeated dependence.

(4) surgery: electric action charred out the erosive site, the operation process odor diffuse, cervical loss of sensitivity, no birth or high requirements for sexual life is not recommended to do this operation.

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Why is gel recommended for gynecological problems?

Because the uterus doesn't absorb as much as 1/50 of the drug. No matter be oral, the drug that inject, through stomach, large intestine, small intestine, liver enters haemal circulation again, run to reproductive system finally only absorb less than one of 50, cause disease of department of gynaecology obstinate and difficult to get rid of, more and more serious even, as a result bad change! So gel injection into the affected area is currently the most effective treatment!

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The secret treasure of tightening bacteriostasis that women all over the world long for -- palace code sophora flavessini curing gel, is based on the secret recipe of imperial concubine hanfang Chinese herbal medicine formula combined with innovative science and technology, has a good soothing and sedative effect on inflammation, is a combination of odor, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, private parts tightly in one of the personal care products. Its property is gentle, gelatinous quality of a material, after pushing into the vagina can be wrapped in the vaginal fold of the dirt, covering detoxification, you can put the bacteria in the vagina, residual garbage, menstrual discharge not clean menstrual blood, all clean out and out of the body, improve the private environment, direct effect on the affected place, safe and effective! Can maintain vaginal acid - base balance for a long time, inflammation is not easy to rebound and relapse

Health, can not afford to raise, are false, serious disease, look down upon, but it is true, now not health, in the future to raise a doctor!!

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Suggest we maintain private parts, not because we have money, but because health is more expensive than anything! With the growth of age, even a small physical examination shows gynecological abnormalities and surgery are likely to let us spend a lot of money, for a rainy day, now smiling palace password is better than tearful hospital strong!