Correct understanding of female private protection products, from the palace password!

2020-05-15 14:36:25 8909

Every time and bestie shopping, bestie always nagging me: "as a lovely soft girl, how can you care so little about private parts? I have to tell you that the easiest way to keep your private parts clean is to use a feminine personal care product.

As a good bestie, you will encounter problems when using private care products, I help you to summarize good, quick to understand it!

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Should women use personal care products?

The answer is: yes. Women who use personal care products have lower rates of gynecological inflammation than women who don't. If women know how to prevent and clean the vagina, prevent the invasion of bacteria, let bacteria inorganic can take advantage of, women will be very easy to keep their private parts healthy.

Can private protection product prevent germ effectively?

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The answer is: absolutely. Germs are caused by personal hygiene not to pay attention to the bacteria, into the uterine cavity, and private care products have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, can effectively prevent bacterial infection, so as to protect the health of female private parts. But also in daily life to pay attention to personal hygiene.

Must women use personal care products every day?

Private care products are to prevent and resist the infection of bacteria, but do not need to be used frequently every day, many women appear when the symptoms of pruritus private parts, with private care products to clean the private parts to relieve its pruritus. Experts said, when the private parts of the disease, the correct use of women's private care products to clean the interior is ok, but to choose the normal qualified products, to avoid inferior counterfeit products to women to bring harm.

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Warm tip: although female private care products are not drugs, but it must be able to regulate the private parts of a variety of discomfort. At the same time, still have clean and antiseptic effect, some female private protect things to also contain "hairdressing" action. Palace password sophora curing gel is formulated with Chinese herbal medicine, which has a good soothing and sedative effect on inflammation. It is a private care product combining odor removal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and private parts tightening. If female private parts have discomfort, it is recommended to use palace password for nursing.

How to care for your secret garden?

As a woman, we all hope to have a healthy body, can be away from the trouble of gynecological diseases. Actually this difficulty is not big, the knowledge that understands disease of a few department of gynaecology more in daily life. The generation of department of gynaecology disease has its initial symptom expression, the beginning often is to do not care about, do not pay attention to do not prevent, as the disease of department of gynaecology slowly erode, when cannot bear to ache finally, ability is taken seriously. By this time, it is often a serious illness.

Accordingly, in order to have a healthy body, want to prevent work to accomplish a position normally, start from trifles, detail, let oneself develop a regular, tell wholesome life habit diligently. It is also our common desire to keep the disease away from every woman. When there is a small problem, please believe that the palace password is enough to protect your health, will let you have a taste of life!

The curing gel can protect the microenvironment of the private parts and effectively maintain the balance of the ph value of the vagina. It can effectively protect the mucous membrane of the private part and maintain the stability of the bacteria community, strengthen the self-cleaning function of the vagina and prevent infection. It can also effectively combat the gynecological problems caused by fungi, prevent and improve the odor, redness, itching, vaginitis and other private part problems, repair the ecological self-cleaning balance and improve the female charm.

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Women's private parts are known as women's "secret garden", the garden is always beautiful and delicate, need to carefully care and prevent germs. Smart women understand that "private garden" is not only about their own health, but also about the quality of their marriage, so female friends must use palace password, a little more care for yourself!