Palace password sophora maintenance gel, how to discharge the private part of toxins and garbage?

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Investigation discovers, every woman is in lifetime, suffer from inflammation of department of gynaecology at least 1-2 times. But women living in big cities today are far more than that. Cause a variety of gynecological inflammation, the culprit is the bacteria.

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The female friends who have used the palace password sophora flavessum maintenance gel have found that after using it for several times, the situation of obvious feeling peculiar smell, itching and dirty underwear has been improved a lot. It is very refreshing and the whole person is relaxed! This is because the palace password helps the private parts expel bacterial toxins and residual waste, improving the odor, redness, itching, vaginitis and other private parts.

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What is the principle that palace code sophora flaveschi curing gel can inhibit bacterium compacting?

The soul components of the curing gel are sophora flavescens and cnidium, which are extracted from Chinese herbal ingredients. Sophora sophora has antibacterial and antipruritic effect, especially on trichomonas vaginitis. Cnidium cnidium is a national treasure herb of the United States. It contains active substances that can rejuvenate the skin cells and make them rich in water and firm and elastic. It has been clinically proved that cnidium cnidium has the function of resistance to pathogenic microorganisms.

How does palace code sophora maintain gel eduction private part toxin and rubbish?

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Palace password private protection product properties are mild, gelatinous texture, gel texture is conducive to fitting private parts, more rapid dissolution and absorption, pushed into the vagina can be wrapped in the vaginal folds of the dirt, effectively remove the internal dirt, deep purification and cleaning, to achieve moisture and smooth. Through slow release and absorption, it restores the health of flexibility and firmness, restores elasticity and firmness, and restores the self-repair of the vagina.

Ten women nine inflammation, almost as long as the woman who has had sexual life more or less will have some gynecological inflammation, and some women who have given birth because want to improve the relaxation of the vagina, are very suitable for the use of palace code matrine maintenance gel. As long as you use one every night, you can avoid the trouble of going to the hospital to wait in line and having a cold medical device checked. Used palace password user feedback, palace password is really a good product for female nursing, especially for some busy white-collar women now, not only maintain their own, but also save their time.

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Adhere to the use of palace password, can effectively protect the mucous membrane of private parts and maintain the stability of bacterial community, strengthen the vaginal self-cleaning role, prevent the occurrence of infection, but also can effectively fight against the gynecological problems caused by fungi, can prevent and improve odor, redness, itching, vaginitis and other private parts problems, daily use, praise!