Women's happiness and health problems, palace password to help you solve

2020-06-02 10:34:54 8923

In the past, because women's health was a very private topic, many women did not pay attention to their own health out of fear and shyness of gynecological diagnosis and treatment.

With the continuous improvement of social and economic levels, people's health concepts have also changed, and women's health awareness is "stepping forward" awakening.

Since 2014, the examination rate of women's disease has been increasing year by year, with the annual examination rate of 66.9%, indicating that Chinese women have gradually increased their attention to the examination of women's disease. According to the survey, the incidence of female gynecological diseases is as high as 86.5%, more than 60% of women suffer from at least two gynecological diseases, and 82% of the female patients are between 21 and 45 years old.

Most women are embarrassed to speak out, but they are suffering, affecting not only the health of all women, but also the happiness of millions of families. And, these phenomenon are the disease of department of gynaecology augural or symptom, if do not treat seasonable recuperation, very likely can cause more serious disease of department of gynaecology to have the possibility of cancerization even!

Female department of gynaecology disease is very terrible, more terrible is not able to maintain in time and treatment, drag it down will endanger the health of life and lifelong happiness.

So, appeal to all women, attach importance to personal health, maintenance is greater than treatment, love yourself is love your family!

What does the disease of these common female department of gynaecology have then?

There are many factors that cause gynecological inflammation. In addition to personal hygiene habits and physical resistance, social factors such as sexual relationship disorder, teenage pregnancy and unmarried abortion have also become important causes in recent years.

The prevalence rate of adult female department of gynaecology problem is as high as 98.5%, all kinds of vaginitis: 57%, cervical erosion: 35%, uterine fibroids: 30-40 years old, 30%-50% (high incidence period), 40-50 years old, 50%-70%(high risk period), and the symptom such as complexion tartar, plaque, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea too much, have peculiar smell and so on caused by this is as high as 96%!

Common problems of department of gynaecology: vulva pruritus, vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, pelvic cavity effusion, cervicitis, leucorrhea bean residue, leucorrhea amount, sexual intercourse pain......

Private part is the root, the appearance is the flower, the root is good, the flower is beautiful! At this time, we need to use high-quality personal care products to maintain our private parts.

Koji matrine curing gel is a high-end brand for women's private care, with Chinese herbal extract, mild and non-irritating.

So what does it do?

1. Palace password matrine curing gel can make private parts tight, moist and return to the softness of girls, so that every woman can regain the happiness of girls. At the same time, this palace password can also inhibit bacteria and inflammation, remove odor and stop itching, clean up the bacteria of private parts and waste toxins in the palace, so that we can be a healthy woman.

2, palace password adhere to the traditional Chinese medicine as the foundation, ingredients are selected soil, climate suitable region, old enough, good Chinese herbal medicine, to "clear, tone, repair, repair" as the maintenance concept, regulate female physiological concerns, and then improve the health of private parts.

3. Gong password formula is based on the traditional Chinese medicine formula to improve and adopt the ancient medicine essence. The product ingredients include: rose essence, radix sophora, sophora flavescens, cnidium, cortex phellodendri, aloe vera, caulis spatholobi and other classic Chinese herbs.

Palace password core ingredients: qianjin rattan

It has powerful disinfection, sterilization, detumescence and analgesia, loose fire and detoxification, and is often used in medicine for cervical erosion, trichomonas vaginitis, leucorrhea, fungal vaginitis and other gynecological diseases.

Palace password core ingredient: sophora flavescens

Radix sophora flavessini has a wonderful effect on intractable pruritus. It can treat lower Yin itch, lower yellow color for women, and very good effect on male Yin swelling and Yin itch.

Palace password core ingredient: cnidium

Woman inch gold grass cnidium cnidium, treatment palace cold infertility, kill vaginal trichomonas, anti-fungal, itchy difficult to endure cnidium cnidium most effective.

Palace password core component: cypress

Phellodendri is known as a little expert in bacteriostasis, detoxification, antipruritic, and excretion of body waste toxins, but also can clear the body of moisture, so that the body to maintain a healthier state.

Palace password core ingredient: caulis spatholobi

Caulis spatholobus has the function of nourishing blood, regulating menstruation, treating dysmenorrhea or amenorrhea.

Palace password core ingredient: aloe

Quickly kill viruses, germs, let the private parts more cool, discharge stench, odor.

Palace password core ingredient: safflower

Nourishes the woman good complexion, stimulates the uterus, to the female amenorrhea, the menstruation does not adjust, the quantity is little and black, the postpartum stasis has the obvious effect.

Palace password, designed for women to develop and improve women's untold pain and disease, cherish women, for women's health and happiness escort.