Palace password conditioning women's problems, improve women's health

2020-06-02 10:28:59 8917

Today small make up for everybody to explain: "pink tender woman" nurph guide, how to restore young, restore tight send!

We all know that dirty clothes need to be washed, dirty hair needs to be washed, and dirty bodies need to be washed. But have you ever thought about your uterus getting dirty? Have you ever washed it?

The womb is an important place for life. It is about the size of an egg before pregnancy. Once conceived, it expands like a balloon. When you get to labor, the uterus is going to contract back, and it's going to be the size of a fist. The uterus of this time was full of fold and recess, also had no longer smooth, these fold recess is about to remain rubbish in! The most dangerous thing is that you can't feel the pain. Don't take it seriously, accumulate over time, you never go to care about it, then you think it can be kind to you? Only the excretion of uterine garbage, to achieve blood circulation, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, in order to permanently protect the health of the uterus. Private parts and face are as important, need your care and attention, the face does not pay attention to maintenance, you are most wrinkled, private parts do not pay attention to maintenance, that is gynaecology disease!

First, the origin of gynecological problems - the origin of all diseases garbage toxins

(1) the menstrual

The first menstruation, as thick as milk, not clean flow, part of the wall of the uterus attached to the above, over time it became as black as cinders. Women naturally love to be angry, when the woman is angry, qi stagnation blood stasis, as time passes it becomes a blood clot, blood cold coagulation.

Spleen and stomach disorders, eating cold things, resulting in palace cold, decreased menstrual volume, flow of dirty menstrual blood, in our uterus gathered into a round ball of things, is multiple uterine fibroids.

(2) abortion and c-section

Stream of people or curettage, medicaments flow, just give small embryo to flow out, the placental tissue that is attached to uterine wall is handled not clean. With the next menstrual tide and the shedding of the endometrium, the placenta will be discharged into the uterus, where it will gather with other garbage toxins. Over time, the placenta will accumulate into a globular, fishlike and dumpling shaped thing, which will become multiple uterine fibroids. More than 90 percent of women who have a c-section will develop pelvic inflammatory disease or appendicitis. After immune system drops, fungus infection also can get pelvic inflammatory disease.

The natural decline of ovarian function

Menstruation is endometrium falls off, capillary rupture, period false come to tide, after uterine function declined, endometrium falls off incomplete. This month has not fallen off, the next month came again, over time will cause endometrium thickening, the biggest harm to women is amenorrhea, menstruation does not come, menstruation is a symbol of our women's health, its disorders on behalf of women's health and unhealthy. The toxin inside the uterus does not come out for a long time, the situation that long spot grows blain can appear slowly on the face, this also is the expression of endocrine maladjustment.

Private dryness affects the life of husband and wife

Female can appear the circumstance of same sex acerbity, vaginal acerbity can appear painful feeling, as time passes, female can begin to appear to have a sense of exclusion to same sex, the circumstance of sexual apathy appears finally.

Vaginal relaxation

This is generally the case for women who have had children or who have lived too much for too long. In fact, this professional term is called Yin blowing, because of the female vaginal relaxation caused by this situation will have a very big impact on the male partner, also directly affect the quality of life of both sides of the husband and wife.

The study found that: adolescent girls with reproductive system diseases are rare, and adult women on the contrary, at the same time with gynecological diseases is the increase in chloasma, pigment, wrinkles, rough skin, wrinkles and other phenomena.

Why the difference? Anatomy shows: the female is in after giving birth, as a result of the uterus and vagina after excessive expansion the retract, make the uterus and vagina wall no longer present the smooth state when the girl, was full of however fold and recess.

So, goddesses, it's time to give your womb a bath. The uterus is the place where metabolites (such as menstrual residual blood) are easily left inside the female body, and it becomes the breeding place of bacteria and viruses, thus causing various female reproductive diseases. Own body, all know that wash clean, three days do not wash smell! And their own uterus, decades have not washed a "bath", long-term deposition of toxins and garbage, resulting in uterine fibroids, uterine cancer and other major diseases, serious harm to women's health.

From today on, give your uterus a good bath! Come on